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United Kingdom
Current Residence: London
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
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Michael Thorton - PL 7

 photo 250px-Michael_Thorton_zps3e412e6c.jpg

Strength 1, Stamina 1, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 7, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 2

Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Assessment, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Equipment 3, Evasion, Improved Initiative, Languages 4, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery: Stealth, Ultimate Effort: Stealth, Uncanny Dodge, Well-informed

Athletics 4 (+5), Deception 4 (+6), Expertise: Current Events 4 (+6), Expertise: Tactics 3 (+5), Insight 3 (+5), Intimidation 4 (+6), Investigation 4 (+6), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Combat: Guns 4 (+7), Sleight of Hand 2 (+5), Stealth 3 (+6), Technology 4 (+6)

Equipment: Arsenal (Custom Heavy Pistol (Heavy Pistol with Laser Sight, Silencer and Targeting Scope), Knife), Bulletproof Vest

Initiative +7
Custom Heavy Pistol, +9 (DC 19)
Grab, +7 (DC Spec 11)
Knife, +7 (DC 17)
Throw, +3 (DC 16)
Unarmed, +7 (DC 16)

Enemy: Halbech Corporation, who subverted and took over Alpha Protocol.
Motivation: Patriotism: Michael swore he would defend his country. And few things would do it like stopping a war before it starts.
Relationship: With Mina Tang, the only one in Alpha Protocol who knows that Michael was set-up and is working behind their backs.

Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Farsi, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, U.S. English (Native)

Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 7, Toughness 5, Will 7

Power Points: Abilities 42 + Powers 0 + Advantages 21 + Skills 23 (46 ranks) + Defenses 19 = 105
Michael Thorton
Affiliation: Alpha Protocol

Base: Mobile

Michael Thorton is from Alpha Protocol, where you work for the eponymous agency.

An operation in Saudi Arabia goes sideways due to Mike being set up, and it turns out that Halbech are trying to start a second cold war to sell their stuff. The problem is that there's every chance they'll accidentally start a real one. So it's up to Mike to stop them.
MCM London Expo, ExCeL...

Griffin had just wrecked Doc Otaku's Angel Androids to keep them from taking the Bumblebee Camaro, and the Golders Green Guardians had arrived.

Griffin does a DC 15 Tactics roll and gets 19. He's got a good idea on how to take Otaku down quickly without killing him. Spindle is in her True Drider Form, Golem's Amulet is active and Red Mage has Mind Over Matter (Close) active.

He said "Otaku loves the Angel Androids like they were human. He's certainly going to try and get them back. I've got a plan. Spindle, you get some web in his eye. Doctor, you and Sakura will need to blast him. Golem, Red Mage and I will then close in on him. We need him alive,got it?"

Everyone nodded.

A minute later, Otaku finally arrived. As he approached the car, Griffin said "The girls have been scrapped and I've got the Golders Green Guardians here with me, Otaku. Surrender now or you'll regret it."

Otaku fumed "<You humiliated me, destroyed my girls in front of the entire Expo and now you expect me to surrender?!>"

"<Oh yes! You will be arrested here or in the hospital. Choose now.>"

Otaku was frantically tapping a button on his outfit. "<Damn, my Mecha-transform circuit's shorted! But I can't let the girls down!>"

"He won't surrender! Floor him!"

Otaku barely knew what hit him.

Roll Initiative! Dr. Green gets 25, Griffin get 22, Spindle gets 20, The Golem gets 17, Sakura Fubuki gets 17, Red Mage gets 13 and Otaku gets 5. Everyone gets a HP for entering combat. Dr. Green and Sakura get a HP each for their Responsibility complications (Green's thinking 'That spoiled **** can't be allowed to get away with his self-indulgent abuse of technology!' and Sakura was thinking 'How dare he give the Japanese a bad name!'). Otaku gets a HP for a Power Loss. All combatants are going non-lethal.

Dr. Green quick-draws the Ecto-Lance on Otaku, getting 24. Otaku gets 18 and is hit and Dazed! Griffin delays until after Spindle's turn. Spindle tries to get Web in Otaku's Eyes, getting 19 and missing. Griffin attacks with the Armour-Piercing Strike and gets 21. Otaku gets 21 and is hit. Golem does a minor All-out Power Attack and gets 21. Otaku gets a Natural 1, spends a HP, gets 25 and is hit. Sakura blasts Otaku and gets a Natural 20, crit scored! She raises the DC by +5. Otaku gets 10 to resist, so he spends a HP and gets 22, so he's hit and Dazed. Red Mage sets the Trigger for his Strike to "When Otaku is successfully hit", Strikes at Otaku, getting 27, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. Otaku gets 13, he spends a HP, getting 21 and is hit. This activates the Trigger, allowing Red Mage to Strike again, getting 23. Otaku gets 1 from his injuries, spends a HP, gets a Natural 1 and is Incapacitated. Fight's Over!

Otaku: 0 HP, 6 Injuries, Dazed, Incapacitated.

After Otaku fell, he said "<Damn you all! Damn you!>"

Sakura grabbed him by the collar and said "<How dare you give the Japanese a bad name! As Amaterasu-sama is my witness, I should kill you right now!>"

Griffin said "<Calm down, Sakura! He hasn't done anything worthy of death yet.> Someone call the Ministry, we've got Doc Otaku over here!"

A voice said "We're already here, Griffin!"

Griffin turned around and saw a familiar-sounding woman with 5 armed officers behind her. He asked "And you are?"

The woman flashed her ID saying "Officer Benbow, Ministry of Powers."

Griffin rolls an Intellect check and gets a Natural 20! He recognises her at once.

Griffin sheathed his sword and said "Wait a minute, that voice! You're the one who asked me whether I actually believed in the supernatural!"

"Yes, I did. From what I saw of you in action, you look like you could be of use to us." Benbow then used her telepathy to tell Griffin "If I wasn't psychic, I wouldn't have believed your story. Or the fact that you meant every word of what you said."

Benbow did a Mind Reading check against Griffin during the Q&A. She got a Natural 20, and he got 17. She got two degrees of success. She could tell that he wasn't lying about what he said at the Q&A. The question she asked for getting two degrees was "Is there really life after death?" The answer was "Yes, beyond any possible doubt!" When she saw the fight with FighterBot and Ako, she got a Natural 20 in an Assessment check, while Griffin got 16. She knows that he can dodge attacks as well as she could, he's a lot tougher than the average person and that sword makes him deadly in close combat (Benbow knows that Griffin's Close Combat: Swords is 10).

"I'm sorry if I sounded a bit rude when you revealed yourself, officer. I won't mind trading intel with you, but you should know two things."


"One, I prefer to do things my way, but I don't mind using someone else's plan if they have more experience with that particular situation."

"I wouldn't dream of interfering with you without good cause. Besides, I don't want to disrespect your... patron, whoever they might be."

"Smart move. The second thing I need to tell you is that in the event of you and my Lady giving me conflicting instructions, I will follow hers. The debt I owe her is too great for me to risk playing it any other way. If you ask me, it's most likely going to crop up due to an innocent being endangered."

"How could a debt be that great?"

"Do I have to spell it out loud, officer?! My Lady empowered me and then brought me back to life! Either one of those alone would leave someone greatly indebted to whoever did it!"

"I understand." Benbow then reached into her handbag and handed Griffin her card, saying "Call me if you need to talk."

"Thanks, officer. I'm going to need a drink after this. Can I go now?"

"The only violence I saw you and the Guardians commit was non-lethal, out of self-defence and to prevent a crime, so you're not in trouble. I might ask you to come to a station for a statement, though."

"Thank you, officer. Plumstead Police Station's the closest to my house, and I know that it's a relatively large and well-equipped station. See you later."
The Convention, Part 5
Where the Griffin takes down Doc Otaku with the help of the Golders Green Guardians and then deals with the law.
Antenna Network: This website was founded by Antenna, the number one dealer in information and discreet delivery in Britain. The app is the only virtual black/grey market website in Britain. It's the place to go if you want to buy or sell anything and if you don't mind asking few if any questions. The Network has been known to draw the line at nuclear weapons (one detonating in Britain would be really bad for business) and in anything that's been blatantly stolen. (For example, the Network will draw the line at trying to buy the Crown Jewels, but it'll gladly buy some guns you looted from a gang that recently had all its members killed.)

The Clearinghouse: This website serves as a covert online storefront and auction house, allowing clients to participate in the covert sale and purchase of body armour, conventional weapons, anything that can be used to modify them, and whatever intel you might need for a mission or discover during one. It's used by black marketeers, spies, extremists, just about anyone who can't use more legitimate means to arm themselves. You need Tor just to browse the site. The spy referred to in espionage circles as "Michael Thorton" (almost certainly an alias, given his profession) is believed to be a frequent customer.

Merchant of Menace: This website sells weapons, ammo and robots to anyone willing to meet their price, regardless of their affiliations. Anyone who makes an order with them just programmes it into a teleport beacon with a USB port, places it where they want it delivered and the order appears right there and then! All the observed weapons appear to be exclusive to the Merchant, but are always of high quality. All the permanent UN Security Council nations want the Merchant of Menace shut down due to it cutting into their illegal gun sales.

What no one knows yet, is that the Merchant of Menace is run by the Foundry. Talos was looking at the Antenna Network's mobile app one day, when it gave him an idea. Why try to kill all humans by yourself, when you can give them the resources to kill each other, especially in a way that keeps it from being traced back to you.

MagicNet: This website contains a forum for magicians to trade their spell formulae and a wiki about known magical artefacts. The most well-known spells that can be obtained include variations on a personal enchantment that enhances the caster's toughness while also granting them the power of flight, an enhanced strength enchantment and a healing touch. For "legal reasons", all combat magic and weapon enchantments are labelled as "For self-defence only." You must be vouched for by a pre-existing member to access the sections that show you how to actually cast combat spells, curses and weapon enchantments, but anyone can read about what it takes to safely dispel such magic. This is in keeping with the Magician's Code.

The site's admin team has made it quite clear that anyone found to be a warlock, or to have used a MagicNet spell to commit cold-blooded murder will receive a lifetime ban from the site. And since there are at least two technomages on staff, they are more than capable of enforcing it.

Time in a Bottle: This is the official website for the Time in a Bottle pub, and the main social network for British supers. Access is invite-only, and you need to have gotten the attention of a pre-existing member for them to give you said invite. A really high-profile action is usually sufficient for someone to give you an invite.
This is but a sample of websites you can find in the Betterverse. The really good sites all invite-only.
Tower Bridge by betterwatchit
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge is one of the icons of London. It's raised about 1,000 times a year. It's normally raised just high enough to allow a vessel passage. The sole exception being if the Queen herself is aboard said vessel, in which case, it's fully raised without exception.
I actually had a go on the Oculus Rift, the rollercoaster demo they used was brilliant! Then I met Dan Bull.

I also played Akiba's Trip, FarCry 4, Persona Q and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. I know what I'm spending my money on now.

I saw some really good cosplay, and one really controversial outfit. Someone actually had the balls to attend the Expo dressed as Ebola-chan! If he did that in Africa, he probably wouldn't leave the building alive...

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Hi welcome to #nuts-about-nature
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:bulletblue: members can submit ONLY 2 submissions PER WEEK

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:bulletgreen: The main subject, whatever that might be, clearly in focus
:bulletred: No snapshots (ex: no webcam shots or "facebook/myspace" like self-portraits)
:bulletpurple: We do NOT accept photographs taken from cars or windows
:bulletorange: We have Minimal Quality Standards. We judge photos based on the photography basics and rules. For example: exposure, focus, lighting, composition, noisiness, colors, contrast, white balance, etc..
:bulletyellow: We do NOT accept Highly manipulated works.
:bulletblue:Photographs with large watermarks will be declined. (if dA watermark or any other watermark interferes with the viewing of the deviation then it WILL be declined)
:bulletgreen:Blurry and out of focus images, as well as overexposed or underexposed photographs will be declined.
:bulletred: photographs must be of artistic quality. Not a photo that you would upload to something like facebook, like a picture of your cat or a photo of you and your friends

:bulletblue: If you have any questions, feel free to Note this group or comment on the group profile page.
thanks for joining
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