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No Man's Land Conclusion
The Time in a Bottle, London
The Bottle. Sooner or later, every power in Britain comes to this pub, whether to drink, socialise or to conduct business. As Griffin arrived, he landed in the beer garden, in a cordoned-off section meant to give fliers like himself a place to land safely without having to distract anyone out on the street... Especially anyone who's driving or riding a bike.
As he opened the door into the Bottle, the place went quiet. Even Griffin could tell that everyone must have heard about the Museum fight. Jane the barmaid went "Griffin! John Bull wants to see you upstairs, room two, right now!"
"I'm heading there now, Jane." The upstairs rooms were used by those who needed a little privacy while benefiting from the building's truce enchantment. The one that prevents anyone inside from harming anyone else. If Griffin tried to stab someone, he'd likely miss... and maybe look like an idiot as well.
As he opened the door to the upstairs room, Griffin saw a stout mi
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No Man's Land, Part 4
Vanburgh Park, Blackheath, two minutes later...
Griffin landed at Vanburgh Park, using the bushes and the slight dips in the ground there to conceal himself from any vehicles while he hid his wings. He knew that even though he needed help with his bullet wound, he couldn't go to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Given that he was the only deceased in their mortuary who had actually returned to life, the staff would instantly recognise him. And since they have to tell the police when they treat gunshot wounds, it was ironically the one place Griffin can't go for help.
He also couldn't call the Bottle or the Guardians this soon after an incident without effectively telling every policeman in London - and Officer Benbow - where to look for him. So Griffin had to call someone else. He headed over to Blackheath Library, where he found a phonebox and dialled a number he was saving for emergencies...
"Goldwing? It's the Griffin of London, I need your help."
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No Man's Land, Part 3
As Griffin headed to the bunker, he saw the door to the bunk room move very slightly, like it was only slightly locked. He thought 'That door... The idiot just gave away his position!'
Griffin had an idea. He knew that it was just a latch-hook being used to lock it, so he positioned himself so he was against the wall and not against the door. He slid his sword down the gap he saw. As he cut downwards, he heard someone shout "<FIRE AT THE DOOR!>" in what sounded like German. The gunfire coming out of the door showed that yeah, the warlock's definitely in there! After letting the hail of bullets whizz by him, Griffin entered the room.
There was a man wearing a cheap linen suit, flanked by two skeletons with rifles aimed at Griffin. That had to be the bloody warlock!
The man simply went "<KILL HIM!>"
Griffin just cut the skeletons down, going "YOU! F**KING! WARLOCK!"
The warlock fired a bolt of magic at Griffin, going "Dummkopf!<
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No Man's Land, Part 2
Right now, Griffin's thinking that he needs to extract any civilians still in the exhibit and FAST! He decides to make his way back to the entrance.
He sees two skeletons on the ramp to the exhibit above to shoot some tourists, so he cut them down from behind. After all, they'd do the exact same thing to him!
In the surprise round, Griffin does the Flurry of Steel on two Skeleton Soldier Minions, getting 17 and 23. They get 10 and 9, and are killed again.
When the skeletons fell, Griffin sheathed his sword. He didn't want any civilians who see him to think he was hostile.
He saw an elderly couple banging on the entrance door. The smashed emergency exit button means that the doors must have been sabotaged or they would've gotten out by now! He said to them "You're stuck as well?"
The old man said in an American accent "Who are you?"
"The name's Griffin, I'm getting you both out of here! Stand back, both of you! That corner ought to do it, they can't see you from there! Move it! A
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Goldwing's Mutants and Masterminds Sheet
John Camber AKA Goldwing - PL 10

Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 5, Intellect 2, Awareness 5, Presence 5<
Advantages: Artificer, Benefit: Wealth (well-off), Close Attack 5, Equipment 1, Favoured Environment: Air, Improved Initiative, Languages 1, Move-by Action, Ritualist, Trance, Ultimate Effort: Will.
Skills: Athletics 2 (+2), Expertise: Magic 8 (+10), Expertise: Pop Culture 3 (+5), Insight 3 (+8), Intimidation 1 (+6), Perception 3 (+8), Persuasion 1 (+6), Ranged Combat: Magic 8 (+10), Stealth 3 (+5), Technology 3 (+5).
Body Armour Enchantment: Protection 9 (magical, +9 Toughness)
Griffin Physiology
   Senses: Senses 2 (Extended: Vision 1: x10, Low-light Vision)
   Talons: Damage 1 (DC 16; Dangerous)
   Wings: Flight 6 (Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round; Wings)
Insulation Enchantment: Immunity 2 (Environmental C
:iconbetterwatchit:betterwatchit 1 0
No Man's Land, Part 1
Imperial War Museum, Southwark, London, Friday 11th November 2016...
Griffin decided to attend the IWM's controversial new World War I exhibit. They had somehow managed to dig up an actual trench from the Somme itself and carry it all the way over to Britain!
The soil that Griffin was about to step on was the very earth upon which thousands of soldiers died in 1916. Griffin, no longer a stranger to bloodshed and death, could feel the horror that occurred on this very soil a century ago. And since he was likely the only one in the Museum who had actually killed someone, he could very well be the only one there at the moment who could really understand the horror at all! The Battle of the Somme was so bloody, they're STILL finding bombs and bodies there, even TODAY!
As he descended down the ramp into the trench itself, Griffin noted that the soil had been coated with something to keep people from taking bits of the trench awa
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Operation Inundation III: Freedom City Conclusion
Teleportal Room, Scarab's Lair, Freedom City...
As the Legacy reappeared in the Scarab's Lair, Scarab went "Is anyone else hurt?!"
Freedom Eagle said "Only a little."
Lightbearer told them "I've got this, just keep still." He then laid his hands on their shoulders. In seconds, the blaster burns faded away like they were never there.
Scarab said "Thanks, Lightbearer! You know something? I actually died the last time I had to defend the Plaza!"
Everyone else said "YOU WHAT?!"
Scarab told them "The Scions of Sobek had mind-controlled the Freedom League in the 70s, making them bring the Plaza down! I sacrificed myself so they could regain their free will and I'm glad that they succeeded in saving it."
Midnight asked "Which begs the question, why didn't you rejoin the League when you got your memories back, Scarab? You'd easily be able to prove to the older members that you're the original!"
Scarab replied "Because this time around, I wanted to help a team get started f
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Operation Inundation, Freedom City, Part 3B
Pyramid Plaza, Tower Two, 45th floor...
When Lightbearer and Midnight made their way to the stores on the 45th floor, they overheard a unit of SHADOW say "Backup Unit Two on 45th floor, no sign of High-Value Target. Repeat, no sign of High-Value Target."
Before they entered, Midnight whispered "You dazzle them and then I'll gas them, got it?"
"Lightbearer whispered back "Agreed. On three, two, one..."
Then they both charged, shouting "FOR FREEDOM'S LEGACY!"
Lightbearer blinded the SHADOW unit and while they were screaming about how they were blinded, Midnight fired his Mist, flooring five out of six soldiers.
Midnight then used his brass knuckles to lay the giant SHADOW soldier out with a textbook Superman Punch, by leaping forward to put more momentum into his fist!
In the surprise round, Lightbearer Dazzles the SHADOW unit. Four Umbra Guard minions get 14, 21, 17 and 19. Three are blinded (Visually Unaware). Fist-in-SHADOW gets 14 and is Visually Disabled. Flame-In-SHAD
:iconbetterwatchit:betterwatchit 1 0
Operation Inundation, Freedom City, Part 3A
Pyramid Plaza, Tower One, 45th floor...
As Freedom Eagle and Scarab made their way to the stores on the 45th floor, they overheard a unit of SHADOW say "Backup Unit One on 45th floor, no sign of Primary Target. Repeat, no sign of Primary Target."
Scarab used her telepathy to go "Feels like six of them in there, Eagle. On my mark, we kill two shooters each."
Eagle replied "Got it. In three... two... one!"
Then they burst out the door, shouting "FOR FREEDOM'S LEGACY!"
Freedom Eagle and Scarab manage to Surprise the SHADOW soldiers.
Freedom Eagle attacks an Umbra Guard with his Gauntlets and gets 29, Crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. The Umbra Guard gets 20 and dies.
Scarab hits another Umbra Guard with her Mental Blast. The Umbra Guard gets 16 and is dead.
Roll Initiative! Freedom Eagle gets 25, Scarab gets 22, four Umbra Guard minions get 12-19, Fist-In-SHADOW gets 11 and Flame-In-SHADOW gets 9.
Freedom Eagle and Scarab get a HP each for entering combat.
Everyone's using letha
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Operation Inundation III: Freedom City, Part 2B
Pyramid Plaza Tower Two, Freedom City...
As Lightbearer and Midnight went inside Tower Two, they saw SHADOW troopers shoot the receptionists dead, declaring "Obey SHADOW or die in vain!"
Midnight readied his Gas Gun while Lightbearer knew he was going to have to light every last SHADOW soldier up for this senseless slaughter.
Roll Initiative! Midnight gets 20, three Umbra Guard get 17-19, Lightbearer gets 16 and five Umbra Guard get 7-15.
Midnight and Lightbearer each get a HP for entering combat. Lightbearer gets a HP for his Motivation (SHADOW are a threat and he can help stop them)
All Umbra Guards are minions using a Blaster Rifle and Laser Sight. Everyone's using lethal force.
Midnight fired his Mist, catching two of the SHADOW soldiers. The third one dived out of the way in time. Several SHADOW soldiers fired at Lightbearer while one went on his radio, saying "High-Value Target is in Tower Two, First Floor! I repeat, High-Value Target is in Tower Two, Firs
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Operation Inundation III: Freedom City, Part 2A
Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City...
As the Legacy of Freedom appeared at street level, people were streaming out of the doors. Scarab said "I've just linked us up, so we don't need to worry about SHADOW overhearing us. You know what towers to take, so let's take them back! And I won't ask questions if they wind up dead!"
Scarab and Freedom Eagle are fighting their way up Tower One of Pyramid Plaza. Lightbearer and Midnight are fighting their way up Tower Two.
As Scarab entered, she decided to concentrate on one of the soldiers. Next thing anyone knew, the soldier fell dead.
One of the SHADOW troopers hit his commlink, saying "All units, Primary Target is in Tower One! Repeat, Primary Target is in Tower One, First Floor! Requesting backup unit! Repeat, requesting backup unit!"
Scarab used her telepathy to tell everyone "Damn it! They are after me! Just heard one of them say I was their primary target! Just hit your Tower and let me know whe
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Operation Inundation III: Freedom City, Part 1
8:30 A.M. EDT, Teleportal Chamber, Scarab's Lair, on the day of Operation Inundation III...
All of the Legacy of Freedom were in the teleportal chamber of the Scarab's Lair and they're wondering why that is when they should be out there fighting SHADOW.
Midnight said "You called this meeting, Scarab. What's so important that we're here during what looks like a third Operation Inundation?!"
"I have something important to tell you all, and it has a direct relation to what's happening on the surface. I recognized the man calling himself Overshadow when he made the broadcast. I knew him back in Ancient Egypt, in the first incarnation that I can recall. I was the Pharaoh Heru-Ra, and he was my High Priest, Tan-Aktor. One day, he tried to overthrow me and nearly succeeded! I say 'nearly', because I killed the traitor for it in my final breath!
As we both stood before the Gods in judgement, I demanded that I alone should punish my former friend. We were b
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Operation Inundation: London Conclusion
Cheddar's Flat, Barbican Estate, London...
Griffin's on Cheddar's sofa, feeling very tired after having several bullets magically taken out of him and watching the news channels to see the full extent of Overshadow's attack. Which looked very thorough. There's a knock on the door.
Cheddar opened it, saying "Hello, Officer Benbow."
Officer Benbow asks "Is Griffin there? I need to have a chat with him."
Cheddar replied "He's in the living room but he's a bit tired. Having a few bullets taken out will do that to you."
As Officer Benbow entered the living room, Griffin sat up and said "Officer Benbow, what a surprise! Cheddar let me in willingly, you can ask her. How did you know I'd be in here? CCTV? Telepathy?"
Officer Benbow told him "No. Because I already knew that Cheddar lives here. I got a text saying that a major fight broke out in the Museum of London. Imagine my lack of surprise when I saw evidence of what looked like two separate major fights hav
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Peter Rabbit in Latin by betterwatchit Peter Rabbit in Latin :iconbetterwatchit:betterwatchit 0 0 Fallow Deer at Greenwich Park by betterwatchit Fallow Deer at Greenwich Park :iconbetterwatchit:betterwatchit 1 1 Goldwing Enchanting a Laptop by betterwatchit Goldwing Enchanting a Laptop :iconbetterwatchit:betterwatchit 0 4

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